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Georgie Hurtado
27 Years Old

     Georgie Porgie™ Photography is powered by Georgie Hurtado Jr. Georgie is a self taught photographer and has been passionate about Photography ever since 2004 when he picked up a point and shoot digital camera.

     That little spark ignited a passion which lead him to taking a Black & White film class where he learned how to use a 35mm SLR Camera, composition, exposures, develop and process film, using enlargers to make prints, using chemicals to develop photographic paper, and use some lighting equipment in his sophomore and senior year. Taking Art Fundamentals his junior and senior year, he combined his photo skills with the creativity of art.

     After graduating in 2008 at Schurr High School, Georgie took Beginning Photography at East Los Angeles College and spent hours on end in the dark room. Then in 2009, Georgie bought his first Digital SLR Camera, Canon EOS Rebel XSi and took Introduction to Computer Digital Photography. There he learned how to use his camera by practicing with Shutter Speeds, Aperture Settings, & ISO Settings. He also learned how to use natural light, edit in Adobe Photoshop, critical thinking & problem solving while taking a photograph, and how to critique his own work and others as well.

     The next semester, Georgie took Fundamentals of Portraiture and began working in the studio with strobe equipment to learn about flattering and unflattering lighting on a person. After that class, Georgie took Direct Studies with his professor to explore and experiment to find out what direction he wanted to go with photography. Georgie decided to become a photo instructor himself some day.